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Race your friends and family on our dual 60 MPH Ziplines. We offer one of the longest zip lines in the country at almost 3,000 feet long and an astounding 300 feet off the ground!

Longest Dual Zip Lines
$39 / person

Super Zip Package

Includes All Zips - the 3,000 ft. Monster Zip, zip into the tower, the zip out of the tower, and ATV ride to the top of the mountain.

$49 / person

Mega Zip Package

Includes All Zips and ATV ride to the top of the mountain. PLUS, also includes one jump choice (Freefall or Belay) or Giant Swing.

Blacklight Zip Line Tours
$59 / person

VIP Package

Includes all Zips and ATV ride to the top of the mountain as well as one jump choice (Freefall or Belay) AND the Giant Swing. You get it all!

Longest Dual Zip Lines
$39 / person

Blacklight Tours

Come Ziplight the Night away under the Black Lights! This unique experience includes the Super Zip package. These tours run on Fri & Sat. nights starting at 9:00 p.m. by reservation only.

UTV Tour
$89 / vehicle

Guided UTV Tours

Drive a Honda Pioneer 500 on this exhilarating & challenging guided mountain adventure. Easy to operate fully automatic or paddle shifting for experienced riders.

Quick Jump Tower
$15 / person

Leap of Faith

BASE Jump from our 60 foot tower. Step off and freefall 20 feet while harnessed and tethered before our braking device kicks in and lowers you another 30 feet to the ground.

Giant Swing Ride Attraction
$15 / person

Giant Swing

Try our gravity-defying giant swing, where riders are hoisted up 50 feet (That’s 5 stories!) before the riders pull the release & instantly feel weightless swinging up to 50 miles per hour.

Hagglund ATV Tours
$39 / person

Hagglund Mountain Tours

Ride the mighty Hagglund, a unique military track vehicle built to go anywhere, to the top of the mountain. This is the only one in the USA and it can, and does, climb over any terrain!

Stunt air bag jump free fall
$18 / person

Woosh Stunt Bag Jump

Feel the rush of the area's only true 50 foot free fall onto our giant stunt bag, designed to give you a soft landing. This is pure adrenaline! We're proud to add this experience to our adventures - you're going to love it!

Belay Rappel Tower
$15 / person

Belay from the Tower

Belay, or rappel, from our Tower in the Sky at a slower speed than the quick jump. It's still quite exhilirating to step off the plank!

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